Cartons & Displays


APEX 360° direct prints chipboard cartons, shelf trays, club store displays and large floor stands.  We print, score and die cut both small and large format to meet the needs of your design.  Our proprietary ink is vibrant and our print quality brings the smallest detail to life.  With our in-house color matching capabilities we ensure the print reflects the design intent of your graphics.


Utilize our matte and gloss varnish capabilities to add dimension to your design or foil board to add reflective effects.  Our newest addition is our in-house metallic ink capability.  Metallic ink for digital printing is the latest in printing capabilities and we are an industry leader. 


We house one of a limited number of digital metallic ink printers in the United States.  It’s new technology at work for your brand.    


As an additional capability, we provide in-house lamination to both enhance your graphics and protect the printing.  We have the capability to fill your cartons, shelf trays, displays and floor stands to ensure the size and fit meets the stability and visual needs of your primary package.  Our cartons and displays allow you to make adjustments and eliminate time and production costs.  We provide samples that bring your product to life. 


Grow your brand grow through our printing and packaging success.