Case Studies


Case Study #1


The project was straight forward enough.  Print, score and die cut cartons for a new wafer line.  Assemble the cartons, insert a divider and fill the cartons with the correct number of wafers. 


Everything was on schedule.  The artwork was on time the wafers arrived and we printed the cartons.  In order to proceed with the project it’s our protocol to write our packaging specification.  This ensures we are using the correct, artwork, carton, product, etc.  This specification requires us to pack a carton and take pictures of an approved packed carton for approval by our client before production begins. 



We executed the first sku, which was the cinnamon flavor, with ease.  All was well, the spec approved and we successfully packed out the product.  When we began the spec for the chocolate version, the trouble started.

We followed the exact same procedure as we did for the cinnamon, but the product count simply would not fit in the carton.  We attempted to pack one out multiple times and even recounted the number of wafers we had laid out.  They simply would not fit.  We checked our carton blueprint and glue seams and simply could not find the problem.  We were perplexed.


We reached out to our client who contacted the wafer manufacturing site.  Upon further investigation it turned out that chocolate baked up thicker then cinnamon!  The wafers themselves were thicker so the correct count for the chocolate simply would not fit in the standard size carton created to be used for both versions. 



In turn, the carton blueprint needed to be adjusted in order to fit both of the sizes.  The national production carton order was put on hold and thousands of dollars were saved that would have otherwise been scrapped.  The morals of this case study is “Sales samples save money” and “chocolate bakes up thicker”….a saying we affectionately use to this day!



Case Study #2

 The project was to print cartons on foil board, insert a clear window, insert the correct number of tampon applicators into the carton and seal.  Easy enough and unlike projects we execute every date.


We shared filled samples with the client for inspection.  When they opened the top of the carton it was identified that the carton did not have enough of a glue area called out on the dieline to effectively break open the package without causing damage. 


We updated our specifications to allow for more glue to be added to the area to effectively seal the package and they updated their carton die line for national production.  Secondly, we shared with the client the specification for the type of glue we used so they might utilize the same glue properties when they created their national products. 


By creating sales samples and testing the package this client saved costs on national cartons, as well as, provided a glue specification solution for their on-going production. 


Sales samples are a “dry run” and give you an opportunity to test in a small environment and catch costly mistakes early on.  At APEX 360° we are not simply “order takers”.  We partner with our clients to provide valuable feedback and ideas for solutions.


Case Study #3


We are currently working on a project that is bulked packed.  The unit has a tear off top and that’s all we’ll say about that!  We were working on the first sku and as we reached the bottom of the pallet….leakers!  It seems that there is a weak spot in the ‘tear” and it failed due to the weight of the pallet and the shipping.  The manufacture is working out the kinks and we’ll receive a second lot soon.  More to come and maybe we’ll share a picture after launch.  Shhhh..the stuff we work on is top secret you know!